With all the time and effort put in today’s wedding, the trend to have weddings where only the immediate family participate and all other guests using this time as a social event have now started to cease.

With weddings in the Indian community now being a smaller affair in more luxury surroundings, the guest list is now in the few hundreds rather than the larger numbers previously witnessed, therefore the bride and groom choosing a silent wedding is now the perfect way for all guests to enjoy the proceedings and become active participants during the Vedic ceremony.

More and more brides and grooms are now wanting their marriage ceremony to be performed in silence with their guests being a witness to their vows they are making and a Hindu Priest providing a detailed explanation of the Sanskrit wedding mantras in English, Gujarati or both.

The key for all guest attending is to enjoy, participate and pay respect to the scared Hindu Wedding Ceremony which has been passed down through teachings over thousands of years.  The ceremony itself has many spiritual teachings and has many reference to the love story of Ram and Sita.

Typically a Silent Hindu Wedding Ceremony will take anything from 1.5 hours to 2 hours, during this time the priest understands it will be difficult to pay full attention but kindly requests especially for young children you may need them to have a break outside of the wedding hall rather than disturb the ceremony.

An Indian Hindu wedding is a ceremony and rituals by which two people vow to spend their lives together in marriage and anyone attending is asked to witness and listen to the priest conduct the rituals for the couple. Therefore ensuring you have the right Hindu Priest so that the ceremony is conducted in a professional manner and of course explained to all of your guests.  We have worked with a number of priests over the years, below are a few names who offer these services.

Arjun Pandey, Ravi Sharma, Vasudev Mehta, Rajrenda Joshi (TBC)

In addition to the above Hindu Priests we also have the pleasure to work alongside Sundar Madhava Das, who we offer a bespoke music service, where Funkasia have produced and edited a number of songs that match the way Sundar Madhava Das performs the ceremony, ensuring you have the appropriate type and level of music throughout the ceremony and setting an elegant perfect tone to complete the wedding ceremony.


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